What if My Texas Tenant Doesn’t Pay Their Rent?

I have a wonderful client with a lovely home she rents. Although we screen her prospective tenants thoroughly, there are times when a tenant will just stop paying rent or bounce a rental check.

We are going through this now. It seems the tenant intends to apply their security deposit towards their last month’s rent which is in strict violation of the standard Texas lease agreement. What can my client do?

The first step is to post a letter called a “Notice to Vacate Prior to Filing Eviction Suit”. This letter is attached to the front door of the property. This is usually put inside the front door but, if a renter has a security system or “vicious” pets, it can be affixed to the outside of the front door. This tells the tenant that they have three days to vacate the property.

On the fourth day the landlord will formally start the eviction process by filing the required documents in a Justice of the Peace court. These documents are called “Suit to Evict and to Recover Unpaid Rent”. The property owner will be charged fees for filing.

For detailed information on this process, including a step-by-step guide, see Information About Eviction Cases.  This information is for Harris County. For information about the process in Fort Bend County, see FortBendCountyGov.com.

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