Katy Commuters: Get Ready for a Mid-Sized Hassle Leading to a Whole Lot of Relief

TxDot to add ramps to I-10 at Hwy 99 in Katy Texas

Okay, we will have to suffer the nightmare of more construction on I-10 to enjoy the results.

I have a personal interest in the following story as the commute to my office, Keller Williams Realty Katy in the Villagio center, entails exiting I-10 West to enter the Grand Parkway S, SH 99. It’s a hassle on a non-congested day, always the most time consuming section of my journey. Lots of my Katy neighbors share my frustration as evidenced by the inevitable delay.

Andy Meyers, Fort Bend County Commissioner Precinct 3, announced that the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will begin construction of ramps on and off I-10 at the intersection of the Grand Parkway. This should bring considerable relief to Katy commuters.

TxDOT received funding for two direct connectors (ramps) one going from SH 99 E onto I-10 and the other going from I-10 W onto SH 99. Construction is scheduled to begin mid-2010 and will take 18 months. Traffic signals at that Katy intersection will be re-timed to accommodate the direct connectors.

The nightmare at Fry Rd and the Grand Parkway adjacent to HEB is being addressed. ” This is one of the most congested intersections in all of Fort Bend County,” according to Myers. It also impacts property values; when showing Katy real estate in this area, potential Katy home owners often shy away from buying immediately adjacent to this traffic mess. This can negatively impacts Katy home sellers in Grand Lakes West and Seven Meadows. Buyers always comment on the inevitable congestion.

A year-long study was conducted to find a solution to this growing problem. There are no simple answers. For starters:  The traffic signal at the Grand Parkway and Fry Rd. is controlled by TxDOT. The traffic signal in front of HEB on Fry Rd. was installed by HEB. The red-light at Fry Rd. and Seven Meadows Blvd. was installed by the county. No wonder there are policeman directing traffic in front of HEB!

For details of this year long report and attempted solutions, some made permanent, to the Fry Rd./Grand Parkway problem read the entire report at SevenMeadowsLive.com.

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  1. Larry

    An entrance to Home Depot and Walgreens off of the 99 feeder road would be a great help in relieving the congestion.Why they haven’t done this already is a real mystery.

  2. Julie Fuelling

    Being from Louisiana, I am always “suspicous” of year-long studies. Back home, that’s just a way for somebody’s brother-in-law to make a whole bunch of money. Why don’t they ever poll the residents who actually have to deal with the traffic bottle-neck? Thanks for reading my blog and I appreciate your comment. Julie

  3. KatyDesign

    Year-long study. How many hours in a year would you lose before something is done. It takes me around 1 hour to get from Fry Rd to Downtown Houston one way times that by 2 for the afternoon drive home and times that by 264 business days in a year thats around 528 hours wasted each year.

  4. Julie Fuelling

    Just think when your calculations are multiplied by each commuter that enters/exits the freeway at Fry/Grand Pkwy. It’s over-the-top! Thanks for reading my blog, Julie

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